Norikatsu AKIZAWA (Assistant Professor)

Speciality: Oceanic marine petrology, Hydrothermal activity constraind from petrology


Publication List (peer reviewed papers)

1. Akizawa, N., Miyake, A., Ishikawa, A., Tamura, A., Terada, Y., Uesugi, K., Takeuchi, A., Arai, S., Tanaka, C., Igami, Y., Suzuki, K., Kogiso, T. (2017) Metasomatic PGE mobilization by carbonatitic melt in the mantle: evidence from sub-µm-scale sulfide–carbonaceous glass inclusion in Tahitian harzburgite xenolith. Chemical Geology 475, 87–104.

2. Habtoor, A.M., Ahmed, A.H., Akizawa, N. and Arai, S. (2017) Chemical homogeneity of high-Cr chromitites as indicator for widespread invasion of boninitic mnelt in mantle peridotite of Bir Tuluha ophiolite, Northern Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia. Ore Geology Reviews 90, 243–259.

3. Akizawa, N., Tamura, A., Fukushi, K. Yamamoto, J, Mizukami, T., Pythin, M. and Arai, S. (2016) High-temperature hydrothermal activities around suboceanic Moho: an example from diopsidite and anorthosite in Wadi Fizh, Oman ophiolite. Lithos 263, 66–87.

4. Akizawa, N., Ozawa, K., Tamura, A., Michibayashi, K. and Arai, S. (2016) Three dimensional evolution of melting, heat and melt transfer in ascending mantle beneath a fast-spreading ridge segment constrained by trace elements in clinopyroxene from concordant dunites and host harzburgites of the Oman ophiolite. Journal of Petrology 57, 777–814.

5. Tamura, A., Akizawa, N., Otsuka, R., Kanayama, K., Python, M., Morishita, T. and Arai, S. (2015) Measurement of whole-rock trace-element composition by flux-free fused glass and LA-ICP-MS: Evaluation of simple and rapid routine work. Geochemical Journal 49, 243–258.

6. Tamura, A., Akizawa, N. and Arai, S. (2015) Measurement of whole-rock trace-element composition of Cr-rich rocks on fused glass by LA-ICP-MS: data reliability of chromite-bearing fused glass. Science reports of Kanazawa University 58, 13–29.

7. Akizawa, N. and Arai, S. (2014) Petrology of mantle diopsidite from Wadi Fizh, northern Oman ophiolite: Cr and REE mobility by hydrothermal solution. Island Arc 23, 312–323.

8. Arai, S. and Akizawa, N. (2014) Precipitation and dissolution of chromite by hydrothermal solutions in the Oman ophiolite: New behavior of Cr and chromite. American Mineralogist 99, 28–34.

9. Gillis, K. M., Snow, J. E., Klaus, A., Abe, N., Adrião, Á. B., Akizawa, N., Ceuleneer, G., Cheadle, M. J., Faak, K., Falloon, T. T., Friedman, S. A., Godard, M., Guerin, G., Harigane, Y., Horst, A. J., Hoshide, T., Ildefonse, B., Jean, M. M., John, B. E., Koepke, J., Machi, S., Maeda, J., Marks, N. E., McCaig, A. M., Meyer, R., Morris, A., Nozaka, T., Python, M., Saha, A. and Wintsch, R. P. (2013) Primitive layered gabbros from fast-spreading lower oceanic crust. Nature, doi:10.1038/nature12778.

10. Negishi, H., Arai, S., Yurimoto, H., Ito, S., Ishimaru, S., Tamura, A. and Akizawa, N. (2013) Sulfide-rich dunite within a thick Moho transition zone of the northern Oman ophiolite: Implications for the origin of Cyprus-type sulfide deposits. Lithos 164-167, 22–35.

11. Akizawa, N., Arai, S. and Tamura, A. (2012) Behavior of MORB magmas at uppermost mantle beneath a fast-spreading axis: an example from Wadi Fizh of the northern Oman ophiolite. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 164, 601–625.

12. Akizawa, N., Arai, S., Tamura, A., Uesugi, J. and Python, M. (2011) Crustal diopsidites from the northern Oman ophiolite: evidence for hydrothermal circulation through suboceanic Moho. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 106, 261–266.

13. Akizawa, N. and Arai, S. (2009) Petrologic profile of peridotite layers under a possible Moho in the northern Oman ophiolite: an example from Wadi Fizh. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 104, 389–394.


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