R/V Hakuho-Maru

R/V Hakuho-Maru

The new Hakuho-Maru was launched on October 28, 1988 and put in services on May 1, 1989. Ten laboratories including multi-purpose dry, semi-dry and wet labs, a freezing lab and a clean room encompass 387.71 sq. m, accommodating Seabeam, NOAA-GMS-BS satellites receiver, isotope treatment facilities, acoustic biomass survey system, CTD, Doppler current meter, liquid N2 tank, multi-channel seismic profiler, 3.5 kHz subbottom profiler, SSBL acoustic transponder system, ocean floor imaging system, gravimeter, high-precision gyroscopes, and data processing system linked with navigation instruments by LAN and Ethernet. A research room equipped with word processors and meeting facilities is also installed. It was built to replace the old Hakuho-Maru with a size of 3,200 gross tons completed in March 1967 and operated until the end of the fiscal year 1988. Between 1967 and 1988 the old Hakuho-Maru completed 99 scientific cruises (together with 9 sea trial cruises) with 1,178,035.4 km of total cruising distance. Total 3,643 scientists (1,332 inside the institute and 2,311 from the outside organizations) have utilized this vessel during its 22 year working period of 1967 to 1988.

Operating Characteristics of R/V Hakuho-Maru

Constructed by: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (Shimonoseki Shipyard and Engine Works)

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