Tomoko HANYU Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Hanyu, T., Nogi, Y., and Fujii, M. (2017). Crustal formation and evolution processes in the Natal Valley and Mozambique Ridge, off South Africa. Polar Science, 13, 66|81.

Sato, T., Okino, K., Sato, H., Mizuno, M., Hanyu, T., and Seama, N. (2013). Magmatic activities on the Southwest Indian Ridge between 35E and 40E, the closest segment to the Marion hotspot. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 14(12).

Kazama, T., Hayakawa, H., Higashi, T., Ohsono, S., Iwanami, S., Hanyu, T., Ota, H., Doi, K., Aoyama, Y., Fukuda, Y., Nishijima, J., and Shibuya, K. (2013). Gravity measurements with a portable absolute gravimeter A10 in Syowa Station and Langhovde, East Antarctica. Polar Science, 7(3|4).

Higashi, T., Doi, K., Hayakawa, H., Kazama, T., Ota, H., Ohsono, S., Hanyu, T., Iwanami, S., Aoyama, Y., Shibuya, and K., Fukuda, Y. (2013). Gravity measurements using absolute gravimeter fg5 and secular gravity changes at syowa station, Antarctica. Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan, 59(2).

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