Nishizawa, A., K. Okino, and K. Fujioka

Topography of the seaward slope of the Central Yap Trench

JAMSTEC Deep Sea Res., 10, 251-259, 1994 (Japanese with English abstract)


The Yap Trench composes a unique arc-trench system because there does not exist a deep seismic plane and the Caroline Ridge collides with the trench. We combine the bathymetry obtained by multi-beam sounding and the detailed topography by the submersible “Shinkai 6500” and estimate tectonic stresses on the seaward slope region of the Yap Trench. Grabens with strikes of N20°E-N508E wee observed from the multi-beam bathymetry and from the submersible. The strike is almost parallel to the trench axis, which suggests tensional field in the central Yap Trench.

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