plot survey points and lines - 観測点(線)の記入 

  使うコマンド  makecpt, grdimage, psxy, pstext, pscoast,  psbasemap

bash スクリプト例
#  plot points and draw survey lines

# parameter setting
region=130/145/25/35                    # map region east/west/south/north
proj=M10                                # map projection and scale
ticks=a5f1g5                            # boundary tick info
frame=WSne+tindex                        # boundary frame info
climit=-8000/4000/1000                  # color table min/max/interval
textfont="+f8p,Helvetica,-=0.5p,blue+jBL"   # text size,font,color, justification
grdfile=JTOPO1_30.grd                   # input bathymetry grid file
pointlist=DSDP.list                     # input station location data
linelist=line.list                      # input line location data
cptfile=haxby_grad.cpt                  # color table                  # output postscript file name
# making color table
gmt makecpt -Chaxby -T$climit -Z > $cptfile
# plot
gmt grdimage $grdfile -R$region -J$proj -C$cptfile -K -V > $psfile
gmt psscale -D12/3/9/0.5 -C$cptfile -Bf1000a2000 -K -O >> $psfile
gmt psxy $pointlist -R$region -J$proj -Sc0.15 -Gblue -K -O -V >> $psfile
gmt pstext $pointlist -R$region -J$proj -F$textfont -K -O -V >> $psfile
gmt psxy -R$region -J$proj -Sa0.30 -Gred -K -O -V << END >> $psfile
137.5134 29.49045
137.8729 28.25310
gmt psxy $linelist -R$region -J$proj -Wthin,green -K -O -V >> $psfile
gmt pscoast -R$region -J$proj -Di -Ggray -Wthin,black -K -V -O >> $psfile
gmt psbasemap -R$region -J$proj -B$ticks -B$frame -O  -V >> $psfile